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  1. I'm not sure if someone already asked this question, will you guys be adding a way for us (modders) to add custom texture atlases for custom blocks or paint? I know currently you can only replace not add, I can't wait to able to do that as a mod and not as a replacement, Ill be modding all day long once I can do that :D. I have no idea how difficult that would be for you guys to implement but I hope this becomes possible.
  2. Hey, I extracted all of the 2d_textures using the UABE, I see there are many textures missing from the export (Many many normal maps, metallic maps, and defuse maps). I went back to look and I didn't miss anything so I'm curious if there is a better way to get all the textures? I mainly just need a list of the textures that are associated with their texture ID. Does someone have a list like that? On a side question, what normal map configuration are they using? It looks like the style from Legend of Grimrock where they use the alpha and green channel. I'm guessing this is to improve directional issues when rotating blocks so the normal, well looks normal lol. EDIT: I did find the list of IDs on painting.xml, right in front of my face lol.
  3. That would be correct, I have many textures that I created that just wouldn't look right on a just one block that's my dilemma. No worries mr.devolver thanks for trying bud
  4. I looked all over trying to find an answer and it seems you can only replace, at the moment. I hope this option becomes available in the next updates, where you can design your own atlas and assign ids to a texture.
  5. Thanks, guys for looking into this, I just figured if you could discover items that had some random bonuses (besides item level) it could become more immersive.
  6. I was curious if there is a way to apply a random stat or ability to a weapon upon picking it up? For example, say I find a club that gives me +1 to strength.
  7. I know I'm asking the same question but does anyone know how to make a custom texture atlas for blocks? One that does not involve replacing but as a mod for new blocks?
  8. Whew so much work ... Here are grape and orange. I decided to my style of a Nuka-Cola Quantum and came up with Duka-Cola Evolution. I hope it looks interesting I think the next glowing cola will be Duka-Cola Sunrise.
  9. Now that I have my base Duka-Cola bottle Ill create like 9 flavors. The rest of the assets I add will be either created or purchased.
  10. I'll be fine . Here are some more items I'm adding. I made the base cans from scratch, the canned oranges label I found online but I modified it, the grape juice label I made from scratch. The pomegranate I purchased.
  11. I know I didn't have to change it but it just looks and sounds better
  12. I love it lol, Ill work on the name change tomorrow , I was looking for a tie to the game and I forgot all about dukes Thank You for that
  13. Well here is my first design of my own Noca-Cola lol.
  14. I'll just have to design all my own stuff and remove the fallout 4 assets. If I want to publish my mod . I can just redesign the cola's my way. any ideas for a cola name?
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