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  1. Taking too long ZzzzzzZzzzzzZzzzz Maybe we should explore other games, its not you 7 days, its me.
  2. ؟Gyrocopter? hmm I dont know... Sounds weird, seems worst and to be honest feels kind of immersion breaker (in mi opinion)
  3. My only hope for this alpha version is a more agile/smart kind of zombie, is amazingly horrifying how boring this game gets once you realize you can fool the zombies by making a base deep down or deep high the ground level. Or the simply fact that most of the times they wont even get into your base after bringing down the door (they just keep hitting walls) or not climbing stair at all, or not even chasing you at all. The rest of the additions are really just that to me, additions.
  4. "It's Done When It's Done" And when is that? Im kidding...
  5. Water, Food Too please is so tedious to get into the inventory to check that out.
  6. What zombies? establishing the fact that they aren't real, so therefore there is non a 10/10 example, there are a lot of kinds of zombies in movies/games (There is not a Universal kind of zombie anymore), for example "Zombies World War Z" they run, In this game they also run (Normally they don't) and they are scary like sh^^ cause they easily overrun anything with speed and numbers, In Killing Floor 2 They aren't smart, not that fast neither but they are as hell as agile, and lots of them have a role they perfectly fit, that's a sweet model to copy from (I loved if the zombies from this game where as dynamic and fluid like those), In left 4 dead 2 they are stu*** as hell, but, they can surely find their path to the player (Thats something that usually doesn't happen here) Here what you usually see is: They get stucked at doors (Even when they destroy the door), they run away from stairs, ladders, they continue to hit walls even when they already breach and can go get you,etc, the IA is clunky beyond "not very smart zombies". There is also not really a big variety of Z in this current state of game, there are different models but they mostly occupied the same role, except for 2 or 3 you can count with one's hand fingers like the cop, the spider, screamer,etc. So resuming, I totally agree with DrunkWolf on this, I hope they focus 100% on zombie behavior, zombie role, zombie movements, zombie path finding, (Memory leaks so they can add more zombies to wandering, spawning and blood moon) etc. Because at the end, lets be honest 90% of us is here for the Zeds, not for the construction stuff,Its a nice complement but, lets be honest, we are here for the Zombies.
  7. Is that a new couch ? Or it seems better than the old one
  8. Yes I know but they are too "tight" I mean, you can clearly can see that ingame while entering some military bases and stuff, the simulated "garage doors" they make wit iron bars are much bigger, also in "family" houses you can see the garage doors (made in wood) not functional being the model I told you, the ones that opens from down to above like this one; This is much bigger than 3 blocks, clearly, they'r also pretty weak, they are nowhere near a normal door, they should rework that, or add tiers, or sizes.
  9. It would be possible to be able to see what other character is carrying on he's belt? For example if you have a rifle equipped and a shotgun a hammer, a nailgun and a pickaxe on the belt, to be able to see the shotgun on the characters back, the hammer on a side in the belt, etc..? It would be nice also a rework of the garage door, I mean, I don't know what kind of model did you use for that door but usually garage doors opens from side to side, or (if electrical) from down to above, I don't know if Im the only one always having trouble to locate them, they should be bigger also, I mean if you guys plan to design some bigger vehicles (with I believe you will).
  10. I thought of that too, but, imagine if getting into a small town (in the current state of the game) causes fps to drastically drop, imagine a whole actual city like Racoon with a lot of skyscrapers and such..
  11. Totally agree and specially with game optimization, I mean, I get its on Alpha state, but if the game is unplayable and ergo UNTESTABLE because of fps stuttering and constant drops even with good hardware then whats the point of let people in... They need to poolish this a little more, specially in cities. (They've already done this before A16 by reducing memory leaks) that's why you can now set the blood moon hordes up to 64. I get a lot the "men this game is in alpha" and its ok, to a certain point as I describe above. The zombie IA is going to be (hopefully) the best in this Alpha to come, cause the only thing I found on this game that can cut my immersion is zombies running in circles, zombies climbing up and down ladders like retarded, zombies not getting into the base after destroying the door (they just keep hitting the walls), zombies just passing by totally ignoring you like "meh, human" , etc.
  12. Yay Im loving this game so far, here is some ideas Ive got. Ideas storm: New backpacks (bigger ones or improvable) New Weather conditions (Like natural disasters) Meele with you gun? Like "Press "x" to hit a zed with your no ammo gun xD" Moar vehicles and/or the ability to take someone with you in your bike maybe? (This is already there in the comments)A button to delete blocks on creative mode Dye for clothes More guns variants, like rifles, shotguns, pistols,etc... Military zombies with actual military loot or something instead of the usual "empty" or "rocket launcher" Prefab Long external walls, wood, stone, iron, whatever... Long external Doors... The posibility to choose the size of a Random Gen Map, maybe if your going to play with 3 or 4 buddies you don't needa 50000 km map, its a waste of resources. More birds fauna? No only the zombie vulture. Water Flooded zones? A better more intuitive UI menu, inventory? A way to make cable management? I mean, they'r so tedious.
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