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  1. The Japanese language in the official localization is much improved. However, the following two points are not clear to Japanese people, Please correct them for the sake of new players. Target file: Localization.txt Current Contents Key,File,Type,english,japanese statStabilityGlue,ui_display,Item stat,Horizontal Support,水平架台 statStabilitySupport,ui_display,Item stat,Horizontal Support,水平架台 Correction details Key,File,Type,english,japanese statStabilityGlue,ui_display,Item stat,Horizontal Support,側面耐荷重 statStabilitySupport,ui_display,Item stat,Horizontal Support,上に積載可能か *Only minimum items are listed. The literal translation and meaning are different. "側面耐荷重" means how much weight can be put on the side surface. "上に積載可能か" means whether blocks can be placed on top. Please consider and respond to this request.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have responded with the a21 compliant version.
  3. I updated it to support a21. You can convert a19/a20 prefabs for a21. I have not checked it too much, but that is based on the previous version, so I don't think it is a problem. Download "7DTDPrefab19to21_0.1.0.0.zip" from here.
  4. Ver. Support for a20 (b231). Well, the official way is safer, but it covers some blocks that aren't officially converted.
  5. I made a tool to convert the prefab made with a19 so that it can be read with a20, so I will publish it. Download "7DTDPrefab19to20_x.x.x.x.zip" from here. Please read the included Readme_En.txt carefully.
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