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  1. well yeah, there are zombies so of course there'll be ghosts that joy ride! Thats the only joy they get!
  2. Considering i would have concrete well before night 7, A17 is gunna mess up my routine... im def looking forward to that
  3. Yeah, i agree, if the plan of smaller updates in a shorter span, there really is no reason to have a stream event. Big updates like A17 with a big overhaul makes sense (at least to me). Also, yeah, there are some streamers who could do a better job but there are plenty of them that really show the new struggle that we'll be facing.
  4. Yep! Only streamers will ever play A17. Only them! Never will the rest of us play A17-E (E = experimental = not stable in case your tears blurred out the E) Common sense, just basic common sense, would help you to understand that TFP didn't have a streamer event only to offend the thin-skinned & self-entitled player base. TFP isn't even the only indie game to have streamer only events. Just try to remember... not everything is about you.
  5. considering prior to friday, 7 days had less than 1k viewers, thats not bad at all. Even if even 10% of those viewers haven't bought the game, yeah, think it worked well
  6. WHOA! YOU paid for A17-E?! How much did you pay for?? You might've gotten ripped off because, you know we get it for free on monday, right? and that its experimental, right? Its very elementary school of you ( and others ) to cry "If they get it, we should too!" Made sense, but now it just sounds childish and petty
  7. I agree about streamers not being organized, but that takes time. if they encounter some bugs that can hinder and/or mitigate the fun for us... its a win
  8. Absolutely, but the big picture here is that the streamers are currently playing in experimental. its only so fun, due it its nature. Its not stable, there's no big builds, just relearning the game. Yeah, i excited to play but i can wait. Been waiting long enough, whats a few days? If the streamers bring in more revenue to keep TFP working on more 7DTD or even bringing in more people for quicker updates, we only benefit. No ones losing on anything
  9. if you wanna follow that rabbit hole... if 1 person streams and 5k followers all purchase the game, then they tell their friends and so on...
  10. Look, if there's no one to take credit... then I volunteer to carry that burden.
  11. You dont understand, join date is the only thing that matters. Lurking doesn't matter or the time spent in 7DTD means nothing on trying to belittle someone on a forum! You grab anything, regardless of how inconsequential it is.
  12. Yeah, i'm not quite sure if you understand... that should that happen, A17 wont be released on monday.. right? I dont think you understand, just because you're salty about streamers showcasing the alpha first.
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