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  1. well yeah, there are zombies so of course there'll be ghosts that joy ride! Thats the only joy they get!
  2. Considering i would have concrete well before night 7, A17 is gunna mess up my routine... im def looking forward to that
  3. I agree about streamers not being organized, but that takes time. if they encounter some bugs that can hinder and/or mitigate the fun for us... its a win
  4. Look, if there's no one to take credit... then I volunteer to carry that burden.
  5. Do you know what youtube would be classified as?
  6. well, i dunno about you... but the as is so far.. the only profane words i've spoken were aimed at friends. 7 Days hasnt had a very strong jump scare.. a bit more with sleepers, but really only the sleeper dogs and when im at VERY early game.
  7. Dont look a gift horse in the mouth! And you're glaring at it! If they cage up the kraken prior to monday, let it be on your head!
  8. Yeah, Revit has the potential to be a massive game changer. It still needs work and no modification to the linetype (adding in texts, just dots & dashes and i THINK an X) but thats mostly 2d and 2D on revit is kinda pointless. Would love it if autodesk combined both revit & cad into 1 program
  9. Revit is pretty amazing for mechanical but can be kind of annoying for plumbing... I do commercial plumbing.. have had quite a bit of jobs in revit... but its mostly in cad. Revit was initially made for architecture, but its been slowly evolving towards MEP Its hysterical how some people think that some new program is gunna kill autocad. Nothing can kill autocad!
  10. speaking of personalizing... i thought there was mentioned of painting your vehicle?
  11. Just wait until you pop that hat on and do the Rumba during horde night and the zombies just get stunned
  12. that.. and/or maybe a secondary weapon / shield. I would absolutely love a shield. or dual wielding machetes / clubs. i'd love that
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