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  1. 9 hours ago, hiemfire said:

    Okay, no big there. Do we still have access to the awning blocks? If so that'd work too. :)

    If I understood this right, every shape can be every material now, including "cloth". So technically awning blocks are still available, no idea if players can build with cloth though since it's never mentioned in the upgrade path...

  2. The Shamway special safe already proves it could be easily implemented to have separate containers with better loot chances and even special loot groups (cigar in this case).

    I'd love to see more of that.

    Make such containers harder to open (more hp, only damage from steel/motor tools, not lockpick-able, or at least very low chance for lockpick success) and put them behind loads of Zs.

    Give them their own loot group and maybe even add more special items fitting to the POi they're at. Would make exploration of the map late game a lot more fun, since it would give more stuff to collect and you could actually do expeditions with a specific (loot) goal in mind rather than expeditions where you hope rng gives you what you seek.


    The whole gamestage based system always felt disconnected, maybe the update will change that. But I think some "classic" in-world loot gates are possible and not a bad thing.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Life_For_Dead said:


    Yes, I know too multi skip BM since they changed the mechanic of it, but I don't talk specially to skip it.

    Actualy on a private server +50 players, we build a big city 1000x1000 since the beginning of a19. The base anti-horde is build in the center of the city 0.0. We not yet build street & so if we do (we plan to put blocks in cobble & concrete), well I think BM's zombies will not spawn... Or maybe they will spawn but outside of the city so at 500m from the center ?

    As someone who's been part of several player city projects my opinion is this: Everything within the city HAS to be covered in player blocks and your bloodmoon defense has to be on the edge of the city. Covering everything in blocks also denies spawn points for wandering hordes or screamers (or used to at least), which aren't really a challenge and just annoying, getting stuck, breaking stuff and feel especially stupid when you have a large wall around your city which shouldn't even let Zs pass. Don't know if you guys have a wall.

    But yeah, when you cover everything with your streets you can either leave a few spots of terrain for Zs to spawn on in a 50ish block radius around your anti-horde base or you build a new anti horde base at the gates of your city:]

  4. Me again 😛


    Having a bit of trouble with the end game quest - planting the crops for making the cure ingredients.

    The engineered seeds don't seem to follow the same mechanics as normal seeds or maybe something is bugged/unfinished?


    I killed a bunch of Zs during BM in the forest biome, got their "fluids".

    Made the forest fertilizer with those fluids.

    Planted the engineered carrots (indicated to be the crop you should plant in the forest).

    Tried to use the watering can on them with the forest fertilizer in inventory - nothing happens.

    Waited a day and a half thinking maybe with these seeds you have to use the fertilizer in the next stage.

    Returned to plants and their description has changed to "this block is can be placed but is mostly decorative". Ok weird.

    Tried the watering can on them now showed a missing resource (fertilizer) icon. Having either forest fertilizer or normal fertilizer on me - still the icon.

    Tried to recover the seeds to plant them on actual forest ground instead of planter positioned in forest biome - but they just poofed. Annoying.

    Since there was no other source I knew, of where I could get the seeds again, I took another 5 from cm

    ...and tried the whole thing on forest ground with exactly the same results.


    What am I doing wrong?



    Also another small criticism/feedback on the journal entries and quest instructions for the "end game: the brawn" quests:


    All of the 5 biome specific quests only talk about "the military's mutant attractor" you're supposed to craft.

    None of the words yield a result when searching for them in the crafting menu. Because the item you're supposed to craft is called "sonic projector".

    I only happened to stumble across the "sonic projector" by pure chance, when typing some random letters while searching for something else and decided to try it out because I saw one in the CDC earlier.


    When the bloodmoon starts is the first time the words "sonic projector" ever are mentioned thru the quest instruction changing.

    But that's a bit late imo, because that's when you should have the thing already and place it to trigger the special zombies to appear. No time to craft it then - another week wasted if you haven't found the right thing to craft before.


    Simple solution would be changing the quest descriptive text to mention "sonic projector" already.

    Or instead of a vague quest instruction "xxx bloodmoon" have it say "craft sonic projector".


    It's confusing if one text says one thing and another text says something different. It needs consistency. Similar example "something something mutant spores" - item is called "something zombie fluids" in crafting though... There are a few more instances of that - maybe 2 different people wrote text and names for items? :D


    Anyways. aside from these minor troubles I really enjoy this mod and can't wait to hopefully make the friggin Z-virus cure soon! :]

    Seriously, love this mod. No being OP after a week. Constant surprises and changes to your plans happening. Food supply never becoming too easy.

    Feeling endangered way longer. Massive kudos to the CDC POI as well - I had to spend like 4 days going thru that horrible place because I was blind and probably passed by the soldier's note sitting on a shelf 1000 times, constantly being swarmed by all the experiment subjects :D  Going on day 60 of my run and not nearly done!

  5. On 7/11/2021 at 6:36 PM, shady_mel said:

    Hey Kam, I think you just need to poke zombies during a blood moon horde.


    Ouch, I read way too much into the journal entries and didn't even try that. :D






    "She's says that she saw something strange in the horde"

    "She's asked you to get some tissue samples from the strange creatures she saw moving with the horde"


    "Now that you have the Extractor craft a Tissue Extractor spear to use it on Mutated Creatures during the Bloodmoon..."


    I think these can be somewhat misleading, or not?

    If the word "creature" would have been "zombies" or "undead" I wouldn't have focused so much on anything but the zombies lol.

    Or change the phrase "moving with the horde" to "moving as a horde" maybe.

  6. The predictability of the bloodmoon event makes it a short lived source of excitement. I'm definitely seeing it more of a chore these days than something to look forward to. Sure until a player has figured it out there will be a few exciting weeks of figuring it out. Then it's pure routine.

    Sure, we have randomization for the day they happen now, but it's still pretty predictable, even with the red warning day number turned off.

    After playing a bit every player knows "at 22h I got to be ready, so watch out for the glaring warning signs roughly 10 minutes ahead of it happening". Whatever ready may be, in the fortified trapped base or on the roof of a strong prefab.



    Khaine's random hordes mechanic is a step in the right direction, imo, however the pathing of those wanderers is kinda messed up since a few alphas and they often straight up miss you and end up scattered somewhere on a meadow.

    If the bloodmoon event mechanic with the GPS-Zs could be randomized in a similar fashion it would be epic.

    No specific time of the day!

    No sound effects, music or skybox giving it away, only Z sounds and footsteps.

    A randomized duration for the event. A randomized set of waves of enemies only ROUGHLY based on gamestage, but with a chance to be way more difficult.

    Biome specific hordes attacking.

    Modified and stronger GPS events when near heat sources aka tower defense situations - just with the twist you have to always be ready for them.

    This would keep the player on their toes and guarantee a lot of fun oh-@%$#-moments.


    And then have a new rare event type - actual bloodmoon. The sky turns red as we know it, but as soon as the sky turned red you have 7 days before a massive mega flood that lasts for 7 days will come for you. :]


    As a main premise current BM-mechanic feels pointless to me. I applaude mods like "true survival", which actually put in obtainable long term goals through long chain quests that make you explore, craft, build and fight to find a solution to the problems of this world and not just make you kinda live with it until you're bored. That's the sorta stuff that should be the main premise of a Zombie apocalypse game. I'm curious to see whether TFP will ever cook up some good main quest line for the vanilla game.

  7. 1 hour ago, MaxTunnerX said:

    How about 2 then? Lineage 2 and WoW.



    Problem with mods is that this game is still alpha and every alpha these mods basically stop wroking. Some of the mods like "remove special zombies" only spams console errors now, so no, mods are not the answer.

    So.. wait til mods can be stable and don't have to adapt to a changing base game anymore (which a lot of them do - incredible dedication some of these modders have!).

    Or mod yourself, I already see the helpful people of the modding community spring to help you learn.


    And/or play something else.

    From everything you write here it seems like it's just not your game anymore and that's maybe sad, but not the end of the world or anything.

  8. 4 hours ago, meganoth said:


    With muscle memory are you refering to the motion the zombie does when the bomb is activated and ticking the count down? Yes, that is hard to explain. Everything else can be explained by the bomb being strapped on people when they are already zombies.


    If it goes that way then in the spirit of "what I want to see in the game":


    Add the duke or whoever came up with that annoying idea, so I can kill them. :]

  9. Good work with the A20 promotion here ;]

    Looking forward to playing it next year or so.


    Jokes aside, the feral sense setting sounds like it might make the world feel more zombiefied again. Since A16 towns and cities have been incredibly boring to traverse.

  10. Remove Demolisher as generic (BM) spawn and turn him into a unique boss for a POI, like Grace. He'd work much better as a unique boss. Give him more HP, force the boss fight in a rather small area... scary as f..k He could be the leader of a Zombie biker gang or something. I can accept one zombie who retained enough muscle memory to remember the bomb he strapped around himself before he turned. But not 20 copies of that dude rushing my base on BM. It's stupid.



    Also zombie rabbits. Long overdue.

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  11. I have a feeling that the common denominator you're asking for is a tad too low.


    I've been exploring a bunch of the overhaul mods while waiting for a20 recently. Most of them add stuff. and difficulty. and crafting complexity.

    Only one I've seen that seems to revert to simpler, older game mechanics seems to be "Classic Style Hardcore". But that one would still be too harsh by your standards because it has a heavy focus on struggle for food/weather survival. Also barely anything to loot. (It's different fun! :] )


    The general tendency in this community seems to be towards less casual. The general tendency I even see with the many new players popping in our server is that they get bored faster every alpha and frequently start discussions about moving on from vanilla and get modding more stuff in or leaving the server fast never to return.

    But they at least seem to have fun with the game while it lasts for them, so as a common denominator it's probably not in a bad spot as is.


    Your only hope will be a mod that makes stuff easier and simpler, just like for (what I perceive to be) the majority of the game's fans the big overhaul mods are the only hope of continued enjoyment.

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  12. 22 hours ago, Roland said:

    It has already been established that the general sequence of events is:


    1) An outbreak occurs due to exposure to a virus manufactured at the Red Mesa Facility

    Source? :D


    I find red mesa to be rather unbelievable as origin location. It's a rocket silo/ army base with maybe one room that could be a lab of sorts. Also it's a remote location that easily could be isolated (in Navezgane).

    ...Idk, at least not the place it's been manufactured, but maybe the place where some dullhead trooper dropped a case with the vial of virus, seized elsewhere..


    Higashi tower seems more suitable, though I assume that one might represent the efforts of a private company to stifle the outbreak before nukes were lobbed.


    Of all the theories I've seen I still like the shamway special meat causing the outbreak the most, even if it's silly:]

  13. Hey hey,


    spending some time checking out the major overhaul mods while waiting for A20 and having a blast with this one so far. First one of the bunch that made me die a few times too :D Injury system is great, adds a lot of "change of plans"-situations.. Food and "Sleep" system are done pretty well too, though intuitively I wouldn't have seen potatos or corn primarily as fiber rather than carb sources but that's just minor nit picks.


    I'm enjoing the concept of a story quest very much, however I got to a point where I'm stuck with it:


    So I grabbed that extractor thingie from the old destroyed home at favales and crafted the extractor spear. Figured I obviously have to poke something with it. Journal mentions "strange creatures moving with a horde". At first the only strange creatures I knew of were the insectoids that behave like the bees but are a lot more dangerous when the get close (puncture wounds - ouch!). Poked those in alive state as they turn instantly into a Z corpse when dead - nothing. Okay so next up I tried the dog variants, same story. So obviously those guys aren't the right creatures.

    I also poked the things coming out of the ground in burnt biome (serious Eternal Darkness/ Lovecraftian horror vibes there :D ) - got a fungus sample which prolly is needed much later.

    I read back about 20ish pages in this forum thread and I see a mention/ pictures of some sort of grey monster. Have not seen one of those yet. If I understand correctly they are supposed to spawn during BM? Had 4 BMs so far and not a single one of those @%$#s is showing, just the regular stuff. So I'm wondering is there a game stage threshold for them to show up ( I kept my GS rather low not killing a lot)? Is it totally random? What else am I doing wrong maybe? And If I actually get to see them finally, do I have to poke them in alive state or will they have corpses that stay?


    I'm at a point where I'd really like to progress the story, since I manage pretty well on the basic survival front and when it comes to building I'm still stumped by low tier tools and still no ability to craft forged iron :D So I travel around to find nice spots to loot, do the occasional quest and I feel the old boredom creeping in 😕


    Thanks for reading and maybe answering and the good work you put into this mod :]

  14. Not sure if the MOST memorable, but definitely up there:


    First ever playthrough, alpha 14. Have a few days of staying alive under my belt, braving the northwestern plains of Navezgane. Found Perishton. Awesome! A new town to explore. It's getting pretty late so Imma go sneak into the top floor of that town hall thingy to hunker down. Board up some windows, shut a door, keep quiet. Worked pretty well the last nights, right? I also don't know what bloodmoons are:] It happens to be my first bloodmoon night, but I'm inside not even seeing the sky turn red. The eye indicator telling me if Zombies sense me (miss that) pops straight to "hunted". WTF. WHY. I was quiet, no one was around. OMG OMG what do I do, I'm trapped. They're beating the walls, they're almost through! I frantically start chopping a hole into the side of the room. I get smacked a few times in the back before I can free myself and drop outside. The world looks like hell and my confusion is only overridden by my panic. The Zs are dropping through the hole i made behind me and i just run, run, run straight back east toward my little gas station base. It's a long way but I might make it, I might not have known what a bloodmoon is but I know how coffee works!

    So I run, caffeinated heart pounding. I'll make it. I'll make it. Then I step on a small cactus. Twice. End of first play through :D

  15. Having a skillset for building could work if the system would be the same as with weapons. We're getting all those makeshift pipe guns cobbled together from scrap available from the beginning while the higher tiers require some knowledge.

    Could be the same concept for building blocks. Makeshift structure blocks would only have a few basic shapes made from wood or scrap metal, would be slightly weaker HP wise and would get no option to change textures with paint but instead have their own "crappy" looking textures.

    One example for crappy looking vs professional is already in the game :] The wooden doors we can build look like anybody could make them, just a few boards nailed together; the brown and white house doors would need some actual skill/ knowledge.


    As for the higher tiers and players choosing not to skill into building - Well, they just gotta double and triple layer theirs stuff then 😛

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  16. The classic small shelter under a small yard has been overhauled. Some old features and general layout are still similar to the original. Like the barracks with the safe, entrance into kitchen through vent duct and such. I did not recognize it on the surface at first though. 

  17. The major difference to back in the day is that since alpha 16 the number of core materials for blocks has been reduced and instead the different shapes get painted on. So you won't for example find a clay roof block but instead have a wooden ramp painted with the roof texture. So if you need a specific shape go by materials (wood, brick, flagstone, cobblestone, concrete, Rconcrete, iron, steel) and then use a paintbrush on the block. Also you can use debugmenu+ f3 to find out names of blocks by pointing at one you see in a house. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, madmole said:

    I have an idea for a mutated fly human gross looking thing but we were a little worried it might turn into a hornet 2.0 issue that people wouldn't like it.

    hornet 2.jpg

    Do we actually have a polling on that? I constantly seem to see people who say they miss the "bees".

    But i must say this looks the closest to a baby zombie we could get without the game being banned in certain countries 😄

  19. 1 hour ago, Pegasus said:

    Not everyone is a native English speaker. Not everyone reads and writes in the same way. Sometimes it is people's phones doing weird things.


    But belittling someone because you, personally, have OCD and cannot just overlook the error is just as annoying to some as the errors are you to you.  (Okay, and to me, but I take a deep breath and move on.)  


    There's no reason to be mean ... it is entirely possible that the person you are mocking is communicating in a non-native language or has other issues with spelling/cognitive function.  I have a dear friend who is one of the smartest people I know, but he cannot spell to save his life. His brain just doesn't work that way.


    So get your head out of your behind and stop being a supercilious (insert common nickname for male genitalia). If it really bothers you that much ... perhaps you should stop reading.  Or just skip over the posts from those who commit these atrocious assaults onto your tender little eyeballs.

    I didn't mock anyone and simply described my point of view and expressed that I appreciated Jost's humorous post.
    I also acknowledged already that some people have reasons that are beyond their ability to change, which is something I'd never make fun of with the intention of belittling them. So keep your outrage on behalf of others elsewhere.

  20. 2 hours ago, FileMachete said:

    @Kam R.

    I'm one of those that constantly struggles with spelling & grammar. Have my whole life. (...)

    Yeah, I understand that there are actual conditions that restrict spelling ability, which I covered with the "disability"-part of my post. Which hopefully was in no way taken as a derogatory statement. I can't imagine that the vast majority of people making spelling mistakes have such a condition – Then again I have no numbers related to that in front of me. I still think it's mostly laziness (which I can relate to, for sure) and/or an unwillingness to improve (which I can't relate to).
    Don't really have a problem with misspelling of others, it just triggers some old reflexes acquired during times I occasionally had to proof read stuff at my old office. A little irritating at worst, amusing at best. :]


    2 hours ago, meganoth said:

    My period is still a long ..... Wait, I don't have a period at all !


    Non-periodically we all have our period in some way...

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