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  1. Here is a video of me getting a wolf to pull the same trick. The last two times I am using my sledgehammer on the wolf on the ladder, he is pushing me up. I am not voluntarily going up the ladder. Video_Cutter_4_10_12_1_31.mp4
  2. Alpha 19.2 b3 I had just spawned into a 1st day snow biome. Got into a grain silo on a farm by nerdpolling to ladder to escape mountain lion. Inside grain silo top level, I jumped across to safety and looked down the platform hole with the ladder at the mountain lion after it broke into the silo and was pacing the hay bales. Perfect opportunity to try to get some meat. I can shoot down through the hole and maybe kill the mountain lion! I pull out my bow and landed a head shot. As I am reloading the mountain lion proceeds to go up the ladder. It's body remained horizontal, it's face facing the ladder, and up it came. I pumped stone tipped arrows as fast as I could into head shots. The lion got stuck trying to coming through the 1x1 hole, as it's body is 1x2. I finished it off and stopped hyperventilating. So...beware exposed ladders. Seems the local wildlife can climb up several stories on them with no real problem.
  3. I am running Alpha 19.1 (b8). Two very weird physics effects happened in my latest game. I was cutting the electrical cabling on the mega broadcast tower POI. It was definitely the cabling because I was cutting through 300 point material instead of the towers 1000 metal. When it cut out a single section of of the cabling running up the tower, the entire tower above it collapsed around me. I squatted down and managed not to die with a full third of the tower collapsing around me. Then half an hour later, same game and I am standing on scaffolding in a POI, zero damage to the scaffolding or anything around it. I dig up one stack of concrete. As soon as the concrete hits my inventory, the entire scaffolding structure collapses. I didn't survive that one. Is this just me? I have screwed up when constructing and deconstructing buildings in 7DTD for a long time, have watched the Structural Integrity video on YouTube (good stuff), and I know what happens when I frack up and chop out a key support. I was willing to write the first one off as my being an unobservant dumbass and actually cutting out the metal by mistake instead of the electrical cabling. But I have never collapsed anything after I dug out a materials block.
  4. "indignation"? Ummm...not capable of listening to constructive criticism for a game you didn't code? I expressed my opinion. I didn't insult the makers. I didn't insult the game. Nearly 3000 hours of play makes it obvious I am invested in the game. I put in my two cents on what I KNOW is an alpha. Without feedback, they can't tweek the game properly. Too much for you delicate sensibilities? Dude...the internet is gonna be rough for you.
  5. No that is not what was expressed. What was expressed was that loot is BLAND AND UNIFORM. I'll repeat the point: In a crafting, looting, building game they have destroyed the looting pillar. I have nearly 3000 hours in this game. It now bores me to death with it's GRINDY, GRINDY, GRINDY bull@%$*#!. It's like WOW all over again.
  6. I have logged 2,930 hours on this game. I purchased it several alphas ago and it has been my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for years. But this new linear loot system is killing me with bland boredom. I know precisely what I am getting from loot crates early game. Nothing of worth. I loot an entire Shotgun Messiah factory to get nothing but a high level blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. There is no point to breaking open safes. I am able to craft better weapons that I can every find in a gun safe or loot crate for weeks in gameplay. Zero randomness to loot. No exciting surprises. Bland, boring, GRINDY. It does not matter if I take the Lucky Looter perk. Bland repeats of the same low level gear. There is no joy for taking the risk of raiding facilities. It this rate, I have no desire to GRIND, GRIND, GRIND for days on end before I can get a piece of decent hardware of ANY type. I am beyond disappointed. Doubt I'll bother getting to 3,000 hours. It's just a grindy snoozefest now, no matter how pretty you made the graphics.
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