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  1. Great work, do you know if this mod works with the Valmar mod collection?
  2. Any plans on sharing XP on traps? Atm one of us sits +20 levels above the rest because he placed down the traps and the XP don't share. We ended up redsigning our base so we could kill them instead of passive traps, which only gave one player XP.
  3. @MM: Any plans to implement a favourite system in the backback/inventory? I'm really missing the possibilty to right click my AK, Med Kit, 7.62 - give them a star for favourite and then have the ability after a long loot session in the city to go into a deposite create and f. ex hold shift+R to deposite everything that's not set as a favourite. Would really make my day :-)
  4. Been playing A18 I'm really happy with the balances and fixes the devs have put in his time around. After A17 I almost thought it was game over for me since I didn't like the new direction of the game at all back then. I see others address a lot of the small things I would have mentioned, so I'm just gonna stick to two: 1. This game really needs a FOV slider that works, not console command, FOV slider. This game is one of the few games that can make me a bit seasick while playing because of the 65 FOV lock. 2. Shared XP on traps, atm we're 5 people plaing together, only one of us gets XP when a zombie dies on trap because of the talents and who "owns" the trap. This is counterproductive for the coop experience and has led us to avoid the traps because one player ended up with most of the XP. We tried putting points into the same talent to get the XP as well, doesnt work.
  5. I've done some editing in xmls before, but not in gamestages. I have a few questions if you dont mind 1. Is it only the maxAlive="50"/></gamestage> that needs editing if I want to lower the number? I see more occurrences of the maxalive parameter on the same line. Example (Copied from your xml): <gamestage stage="19"><spawn group="feralHordeStageGS16" num="17" maxAlive="4" duration="1"/><spawn group="feralHordeStageGS19" num="17" maxAlive="4" duration="1"/><spawn group="ZombiesNight" num="20" maxAlive="50"/></gamestage> 2. How does the parameter in serverconfig.xml , <property name="BloodMoonEnemyCount" value="30" /> affect this? Will this overrule gamestage and give a total of 30 alive zombies at any given time (if possible)? 3. I'm not 100% sure how gamestages work when it comes to the "group" paramter. Do you define the groups in the start and refer to them in the later stages? Like "ZombiesNight? Thanks
  6. Nemoriel

    A16 Valmod Pack

    More? Hi Valmar Me and my friends played Valmod Expansion and had a great time last week. We're starting to get kinda experienced and have adjusted the difficulty to max more or less. BIS gear and a base that... well if the game had 20+ police zombies each wave it might get a scratch. Was wondering if there was some other mods that you can recommend that work with Valmod that might make it harder / different? And btw thank you for your great work
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