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  1. My fps is now over 60fps on my ancient q9550 with just 4gb ram. Nice work devs Edit: Plus the game is also looking much better for me.
  2. I don't mind the gates as long as there is enough to do whilst working towards goals.
  3. Just goes to show that many variables can change the performance other than hardware. My potato is way below spec and I'm currently running A18 at a reasonable 50FPS. I find that when you have an underpowered system, you learn all the tricks you can to keep bloat to a minimum and keep your system running smoothly. By contrast someone with better hardware may have a system weighed down with bloat and may not know the most effective ways to tweak their settings.
  4. I disagree with the OP but I don't feel the need to resort to ridicule, especially when it is possibly a sensitive topic for someone.
  5. There is nothing wrong with the points you are making (in fact I agree with most of them), however the OP clearly stated they were ok with the use of words (knowing the context) and yet people were still going on at them. It's the delivery which comes across as bullying. Are people no longer capable of discussing things without considering the other persons' perspective?
  6. Guys this is coming across as bullying. Grow up.
  7. Very early first impressions Positives Scenery, atmosphere, icons and textures New POI's look interesting - I can't wait to explore them Tons of new lootable "stuff" New wildlife with new ai Performance has been ok for me (low-end hardware) New fighting tactics keep things interesting Start doesn't feel sluggish like A17 The hint of world lore in the starter quest. Things I'm not sure about yet Melee with things like the bat - I feel it needs a little something? Too much loot to soon? Will balance well over a longer play? Maybe too much zombie rage - will it make fighting indoors problematic? The game feels a bit easier - this could be my imagination. Over all my first impression have been really good, it's clearly a huge update and I'm looking forward to playing more .
  8. 100% not trolling - if you see my previous comment you can see that I also have an Nvida 960 4GB (I think the 4gb ram here helps with the lower system ram) and also an SSD. The game is running fine for me this alpha - do you really think would I even be here if I was getting less than 2 digit fps?
  9. Yes I really am getting 50-60 fps with a 10 year old processor and 4gb ram . It was a good choice when I originally got it and the processor has done a pretty good job of keeping up over the years, hence why I've never felt the need to upgrade it. Playing at 1680x1050 resolution helps, obviously I have some settings down but the game doesn't look too different to most of the streams I've been watching. So far my performance in A18 has been ok compared to previous alphas. I'm using the same settings as I had in A17.
  10. A18 seems to be running ok on my 10 year old q9550, 4GB ram, Nvidia 960 4Gb and SSD. 50-60fps.
  11. I'm really enjoying Damocles' NitroGen RWG. I've got it set up with the Compopack POI's and have made some really interesting maps with it. I've tweaked the settings to my play-style - removed water, tweaked the trader locations, added back wasteland and burnt forest (which are just small areas), adjusted the size of the cities and so on. I don't think the game needs tons of biomes as long as variety/interest is there in other ways.
  12. I managed to make a basic zombie texture replacement mod using Xyths code and textures (just for experimenting). I followed Xyths xpath tutorial and used the "replace texture" code from the Wintermod. The files are in the Xyth WinterEntities - entityclasses.xlm has the code - and his textures that go with that code appear to be in the wintermats.unity3d file. (I'm new to modding so correct me if I'm wrong on any of this) The problem I'm stuck on is I'm not sure how Xyth made the unity3d file which is where the textures are stored, so any tutorials or tips on that would be useful.
  13. I've found them with UABE thanks.
  14. Xyth - is there any easy way to extract the original zombie textures?
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