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  1. 15K hours, 3 posts...... Anyways, I might be the one you refer to not liking it.  Might come as a surprise to you that release notes and A19 dev thread gives you more than a good idea of whats coming. On top of that I can add changes made to A17 and A18, all wich have made me dislike the game more and more. In any case I'm very surprised that someone with 15K hours in the game loves it so much today... If you love this looter/shooter RPG so much it has have to been a real chore to add up that many hours in earlier Alfas.


    Personally I'd say this game sucks today. Looks very pretty for sure but thats all good I can say about it. I'm only here  cause I have a daft hope of this developmnet being a joke and I have the odd go at Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst (thanks  Khaine and Jax) even if changes to vanilla also makes these games to easy.. But I realise more and more every day that TFP has abandonded their original idea of a good game for something better. A cash cow.


    Sad for sure This could have been great.

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    The lathe is needed to make weapon parts. Really useful for those rare bits you can't seem to find by looting, or when you want to make a higher quality version of a weapon you already have. I didn't find one until after I no longer needed one, but I can't complain since I went on to find both the fusion forge and laser workbench at Caitlins, along with solar bank+cells...


    Thanks! Now I just have to figure out if I need the dukes or the parts

  3. Is it normal for it to take like 10 headshots to kill a zombie at the start of the game? thats a little obscene and this is at nomad difficulty. Not to mention stuff breaking when repairing really sucks especally early game.


    As mentioned in above answer this mod is as hard as they get. Loads of tweaks to get progression and crafting way more realistic. Wich makes it difficult. Z's are hard and they include some even harder ones mixed in at times ;) You need to keep track of several "upgrade" quests and a bunch of new crafing to get what you need. You need to lot a to get stuff needed and keep track of all quests and crafting stations. This mod doesnt't end at day 50... If your skilled maybe your one third in then. The mod is GREAT. What makes me hesitate to play is all the gametime spent on figuring out all the crafting.


    However, I'm told it's better with more "tooltips" in these latest versions, so I'll actually will have a new go myself.



  4. how do you craft the tailor station i cant find out how to learn it ive looked at all the skills i even went into dev mode and tried to find a schematic but no luck


    This is the reason I do not play RH anymore. Quoted player might or might not have been looking around enough. In any case there is to much stuff to look up and figure out, and that ruins gameplay. Love the mod, but hate all the time being spent on figuring out what to do next....



  5. Or anyone got any good seeds


    "RH190326" is a pretty decent one. ♥♥♥♥loads of poi's and some skyscrapers, good variety. Only found one trader yet... Some desert nortwest, snow northeast, burned south east and green southwest. Green being the biggest of all biomes

  6. As the RWG is borked atm it is difficult.


    Try "Ravenhearst 5" on the 8K map, lots of Buildings


    It sure is borked in vanilla but they did a pretty good job of making it better here. And thanks for the tip, I'll try that seed now. After my post yesterday I also generated a seed named "RH190324"


    also looks pretty good if anyone else need a decent map.

  7. First a thank you for this awesome mod! Wouldn't have played 7d2d anymore if it wasn't for this.


    Now to my problem. I can't seem fo find any good maps. Generated 5 different 8K maps so far. All turns out with no major citys or towns, only small villages with like 10-15 poi's and not many commercial buildings. Lots of huge areas with nothing at all to.


    Any suggestions?

  8. Oh man, have you seen the movie "Fallen"?

    The killer posses someone and when he's killed he just possess another person.

    Everytime I run into one of those whispering zombies I worry that killing it won't stop it...


    - - - Updated - - -




    This sounds normal. The iron crossbow holds 2 bolts and should auto-reload on the 3rd trigger pull.

    On a related note, the repeater crossbow holds 5 bolts and is truly epic...


    Thanks. That explains it. Just felt a bit strange. And I think I will have to take a look at that movie

  9. Oh. one other thing... The whispering Z's sucks hard... In a really good way. Scared the crap out of me first time and still does. Nice thing to keep me on the edge at all times.

  10. First, THANK YOU for restoring my will to play 7d2d. A17 vanilla sucks and you saved me here, thank you again.


    But... There might be a bug with the Iron Crossbow. I't doesnt reload automatically. And when I press R to reload it reloads 2 bolts... And gets stuck in "aim mode". Intentional or bug?

  11. Havent played for a while and just started a new 5,3 game. Learned concrete and made cement mix. Can't seem to use it cause it needs portland cement.... Am I missing something?


    And what the hell do u upgrade scrap iron blocks with. Don't recognize the icon...

  12. First of all. This IS a GOOD mod. And I have played it before and had some issues then to....


    With that said, I cant play it. The staritng music lags me out and when the game starts it's unbearable. This mod needs better PC's than mine. And mine isnt that old. Anyways, nice mod but unplayble on slightly old PC's

  13. Great work done on the mod. The stsrt really got me excited playng. Unfortunately I soon found out that this is a worse grind than Ark has ever been.


    Very good thought, waaaaay to much grind. Time to move on.

  14. what vitamin said, @shin.


    on food, get in those houses and loot. best chances for twine happen in the mundane dwellings, also.

    keep that salt and make jerky, food gets easier as it goes.


    Thank for the answers @sinda and @vitamin. I'm learning as I go and food is getting less of a problem as you say.


    And thanks to all involved for a great mod! A few oddities but great fun.



  15. Hey there


    Started playing this about 6 hours ago and are on late day 3.. Just a short note to give my first impressions.


    I have 4-5 guns and around 1K ammo... Starvation and thirst is a huge problem, firepower isnt....


    First impression here is:

    A bit unbalanced, but I like the thoughts.


    Why dish out guns and ammo left and right and be so tight withh food?



  16. 1)

    5) Classes.... oh boy. All I'm gonna say is this.


    It's not getting changed. You can make class papers for half the cost in a writing desk. There's other mods out there where you need 200 OR MORE of their equivalent of skill notes to make a new class. Part of the point is to try and ensure players have other goals to pursue at higher levels as well. Lowering the cost would negate that.


    You do get a bit more than defensive when people give input that is not in line with your own plan... I, and others, are/was only giving my/their view of what I/they think about the mod and how it works, nothing else. I did think you might have liked the input.. but what do I know.


    Anyways, still like the mod but won't give any input here anymore.


    Peace and out.

  17. Hi all and special hi to Khaine


    I have now been playing this mod for a while and must say it's the best balanced mod out there. I like it a lot but I do have some "constructive critiism" and btw, I'm not a good player but I have a 1K hours or so of experience


    1. Water. Do we really need to have 3 kinds of water??

    - Vanilla glass jars for some recipies.

    - Clay bowls for others.

    - Cans for quests.

    Doesnt make sense to me at all and feels very annoying and irritating to me at least.


    2. Ferals, especially early game.

    - It's really hard to get a hold anywhere with all these ferals/radiated things running around, even at daytime. It seems like some of them have boosted health and/or HP regeneration. Handling that at lvl 5 with a 100 lvl bow is to hard. So early game seems to be a bit to much about dodging all Z's..


    3. Food

    - Way to much fruit around.... Spend 10-20 RL minutes in the desert collecting bananas/coconuts and your good to go for 1-2 weeks gametime.


    4. Resources

    - There is some duping possible without hacks. Dont know if it's intentional or not. But unlimited stone and wood are possible.


    5. Classes

    - Pretty good overall but I think all lvls need a reward of some sort. And I think it should be a little bit easier to get next class. 100+ papers takes a really long time to get. Maybe sell them at traders for a high price (5-10K a pieceK?) to get more options to find them.



    With that said, I really like this mod of yours!


    Keep up the good work!



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