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  1. Question....cant get the mod to load. Im using the launcher and running latest version of the game 18.4 b4. The load screen doesn't get past Loading blocks and times out.


    Any ideas?

  2. 3.0 Is Now Officially Released!


    Refresh your Launchers to ensure you get the files. All links have been updated. Your 2.2 Installs should NOT be impacted by this as we changed the titles of the Launcher links for 3.0. Titles for 2.2 remain the same. Bluefang also has the updated files.


    It was CRAZY getting here, the github was slammed and the upload slowed to a crawl so I am very sorry about the long wait. Please enjoy the mod, and please leave feedback for us here and in our Discord. This was truly a labor of love. You guys rock and we thank each and every one of you for the support and the kind words.


    The first page has been updated with all the new information.


    Are you crazy....what are you apologizing for...THANK YOU for what is sure to be a GREAT Mod!:smile-new:

  3. Not officially yet. Streamer versions are already up. And normal 21-day.


    I'm not seeing the 21 day. it still says version 2.2.


    Do I need to refresh the downloader somehow?

  4. For Newcomers Regarding

    Big Bag Mod Support:


    "+" (In favor) "-" (Against)



    xyth +


    He is a nice guy who is very forthcoming to changes here and there- very helpful to people. This is the guy you will meet here first.


    rentechd -


    More of a Tech guy. He gave a detailed overview how big inventory ruins game experience and he thinks people will not have fun with it. He fears bigger inventory takes away decision making. He is not planning for a support as FunPimps will come up with bigger inventory size eventually. However he did not say no to perk inventory- a possible feature for the future.


    Mortelentus - -


    He is worried bigger inventory destroys the need for donkey and survivor helpers. He is a strong supporter against the very basic idea for bigger inventory due to this. The game idea is scavenging not hit & run!


    = = = = = = =




    Put a Note in first post BBM is not supported and not planned in near future. It will help notify new people coming here from youtube, Steam and many Forums about this topic.



    Thank you everyone for all the feedback and

    Big thanks to Starvation team for their patience and opinions.


    Or get over yourself quit crying and move on to another mod. I mean seriously.....these people are doing this on their own time. I for one appreciate them doing this.. Don't screw it up for those of us that are ok with the challenge.

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