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  1. Thanks so much for both of your help. Simply love your Mod Sub thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Ok fresh copy of the game, installed the mod from launcher, eac is off. Wont load and getting exc texture not finished downloading and one that says err (XUi) error while updating windows group main menu/ Help?
  3. Question? Downloaded Nitrogen, ran a map, entered the game but no prefab at all are showing? Not sure what to do.
  4. Poke Poke...Hope alls well. Checking in from time to time.
  5. Sooo we getting close? Hopefully the New 19 wont cause you too much headache. You do an incredible job!
  6. Question....cant get the mod to load. Im using the launcher and running latest version of the game 18.4 b4. The load screen doesn't get past Loading blocks and times out. Any ideas?
  7. Ok so most of the POI are floating? Any ideas?
  8. Any word on the release tonight or is it going to be tomorrow? Looking forward to hopping back in the fray asap.
  9. Should be fixed now. Was updating was all I would guess.
  10. Are you crazy....what are you apologizing for...THANK YOU for what is sure to be a GREAT Mod!
  11. Are we there yet....I gotta pee, I'm hungry, stop touching me...... Hehe
  12. Not sure how to use GitHub so I guess I have to wait It is supposed to be released today yes?
  13. I'm not seeing the 21 day. it still says version 2.2. Do I need to refresh the downloader somehow?
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