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  1. Hey MM I don't know if this has been answered but does learning new recipes increase your gamestage or is that just based off of level equipment and last death.
  2. It's funny how the game goes full circle sometimes. I remember when we had to learn everything by reading the books. Sounds like you all have hit on a good balance for the game now and I am looking forward to playing again. Sadly A17 broke me from the game for awhile. Don't get me wrong there were good ideas in A17 it just didn't work out very well for me. This is likely the last Alpha I will get to play since I am now dying from cancer so I am sure it will be the best one yet. And no I am not fishing for an early chance to play because I want the experience to be as awesome as it can be thanks to The Fun Pimps for making my favorite computer game of all time. Sorry if I ramble a bit pain meds are good.
  3. Hey Madmole any idea yet on when the A18 change log will be released I know a lot has been covered in the 1st and 2nd post. I am sure the rest of the community would like to see all of the changes you have made at least a day or two before we get lost in the new 7DTD. Thanks to all at TFP for all of the hard work.
  4. Madmole is it possible to have the books and schematics that you haven't read yet to glow so you don't read the same book twice and waste it. LOL never mind I just noticed the small book icon on the image. Closed book for unread and open for already read sorry I missed that.
  5. LOL why am I picturing MadMax right now.
  6. Lol Joel that is so not right!!! What's even more surprising is I didn't see any other comments on this statement. I believe we may have a similar sense of humor.
  7. I've always thought it would be cool if there are certain vendors that only open after dark. Maybe it would be like a motorcycle shop and you it was the only place that you could buy parts for motorized vehicles. Of course you could still loot them too. Another cool thought might be special items at regular vendors that only appear after dark. Just some random ideas. Keep up the good work I can hardly wait until A18 drops.
  8. I am really hoping that this is MM downplaying the hype and that the team pulls it off for this weekend. But seriously I know you all will present the best game possible for the release of A18. Keep up the good work.
  9. Hey MM I am just curious have you all made a crafting recipe for snowberries or is that something that still has to be modded in if you want to grow them?
  10. what like exploding jack o lanterns for halloween or maybe some masks with the faces of zombies on them.
  11. MM I don't know if you are planning on doing anything with the music in the game or not but it would be cool if you could find someone to redo the old Cop Killer song by Body Count and turn it into Zed Killer. Just something cool to think about. Keep up the good work.
  12. Thanks I did a search for snowberry and was actually able to find it it's a simple fix thanks I kept hoping that TFP would fix it but we shall see.
  13. Does anybody know if there is a way to make snowberry seeds. preferably without having to add a bunch of other plants to the game? Or if the Fun Pimps are ever going to add them to the game. Thanks for any help with this.
  14. Hey MM any word on what changes we can expect RWG in the next update. BTW the bridge was a great addition. I was also wondering if when RWG is completed will there be different options for world design types, like the continent you showed small islands total land or any number of other possibilities. Thanks for all the awesome work other than the state of RWG I have been pleased with the latest changes to the game although I do miss the old forge houses being in the game they were always my first base due to the size and building materials used in them.
  15. i just looked at the bridge that is awesome. I hope that RWG is back a good playable version when the next experimental version releases.
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