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  1. Hard to enjoy a game when it crashes alot might want to tell them to focus on that in fact ill post a video of how many times it does crash then they can tell me when amd if they are ever going to fix it because from the time this game came out for console there hasnt been a single thing that pervents single player or multiplayer from crashing every few mintues yet. You might also want to tell them to add something alot more better in the next update that is more important then those stupid signs like increasing the chance to find the almost impossible nail gun i just got it today and i had to have my scavage skill to 90 by the time i got it i no longer needed it.
  2. The whole weather system needs to be fixed or taken out entirely i cant tell you how many times i had issues with either over hesting/being wet even when iam inside my base or being extemely cold it needs to be fixed or taken out they know about this issue and still has done nothing to fix it much like the countless other bugs that people report
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