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  1. I've read alot of posts on these forums and have often wondered how many posters really know what "alpha" means. First of all, I am astonished that this is called an Alpha. If this is an Alpha, imagine how awesome this will be in Beta. I am so fortunate to be able to play "7 Days to Die" in this phase of development. As an Alpha Tester, I know how important feedback is to those developing the game. I also know what Alpha means. It's not a full game and there are many issues/bugs that need to be tested and fixed. Testers need to realize that sometimes updates need to be delayed if problems arise on the developing end. They want a perfect product to offer us. They will pre-test an update before release and if anything comes up during that testing, they need to fix it before they update. This is Phase Development. They have goals at each phase. They must meet these goals before moving to the next phase. If something comes up and a specific feature doesn't work, they fix it. They can't release and update till they meet all the goals of each phase. Now, many of you want Alpha 2. However, if something isn't working right or one of their goals hasn't been met, wouldn't you rather they take their time to get it right, than to release a really bad update? Sure, they may have given some deadlines. Well sometimes things happen which cause delays. I'm glad that they stick to their goals and delay release till those goals are met. To The FunPimps: Take your time and make a good game better. Thank you for not giving us a junk game and really taking pride in what you do. I understand you and appreciate that you care about the kind of product you give us. I would rather have no update than to get something just thrown together to make a deadline. Thanks again. I hope all of us will learn to be patient during these early phases of development.
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