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  1. All streamers I am watching (6 persons) said they have better performance. They could increase the graphics setting or had better graphics with same settings (new lightning + new HD textures and models). While the frames per second slightly increased they are a lot more stable. 60 frames in every direcetion. In previous version they dropped to 40 if you were looking in the "wrong" direction.
  2. Pixel Maniacs are already doing this. Ok, they talk a lot about game development with guests. But sometimes they create a game live on twitch e.g. for game jams). While the stream is in german the site text is english: Just in case you need more money
  3. I have an idea in case the gyrocopter is too good: Give it a long starting time and/or let it only start and on flat terrain. The start time could be an animation or slow starting motor. This way it is a fast transportation for long distances, but you must secure the start and landing point.
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