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  1. Does anyone know what 18.x would be the last or too early yet?
  2. Is the 16k rwg map not having poi's gonna be fixed for 17.2 stable or will it be pushed back for later ?
  3. Something with recent windows update made a similar problem for me and throttle everything:video/internet/fps. Clean windows installation: same. Changed SATA cable / changed power settings to high performence / got another windows update while doing so and after those 3 PC ran well again.Guess it was power settings all along that i haven't changed for a year since i got win10 to begin with but MC just came out with the "delete your files" update so this isn't that surprising anymore
  4. You had the opportunity to be like your dad and complete the circle of misery
  5. You should have made the bar almost empty on april fools. Saying it won't come out soon didn't really change anything.
  6. It really does sound like a fun pimps solution."We couldn't make the bar move so we patched in another bar that actually moves "
  7. Add a progress bar for the progress bar. I can see how this will turn into an MMO boss with 10 health bars by next weak
  8. I think everyone will get sick looking at that health bar and disable them when A17 comes out
  9. Nice hp bar to use as a timer. Hope it goes down faster than monster hunter bosses.
  10. Fixed - https://gyazo.com/ef14e4e40a31ea9208df8245a93d8b29 I just followed your install info and dumped everything in 1 place. Thanks for the instant respond
  11. I guess i did something wrong but i have no color on HP bar and xp sphere around my level https://gyazo.com/ebbaec7bc120493b7d2077aa19fb981d
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