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  1. Your result seem way more reasonable. I guess it just my bad luck then.
  2. I loot this book poi like 3-4 times, nothing but paper. 12 x3, 36 loot chances and nothing but paper. IMO, that a bit off. 1/5 chance or something I'm fine with. I have more luck going to the large church or visit houses with the old bookshelf in it vs a poi that primary purpose is to... have book. edit: and im at GS 154 too.
  3. @Gazz / @faatal I don't know if it just me, but it feel like the new bookshelf have extremely low chance of looting book/schematics. I have to hunt buildings with the old shelf to find books and schematic. I just skimmed the last 100 page with dev reply to catch up so sorry if this had been addressed.
  4. you know you can break the glass and other trash on the ground and don't have to walk over it right? I just clear a tier 5 shamway poi with mostly a bow. The only zombies I woke up are the one that outside my los that just around the door... plus that drop trap that I forgot about. I have no sneak point and wearing junk armor and have flashlight on most of the time.
  5. @faatal if it not too much trouble, could we have an option to hide marked location on compass unless we track it? or lower the distance for it to show up on compass? I'm one of those that label all high tier poi. Last alpha wasn't too bad, but for some reason, A19 I feel like the compass is always full, I can see marks from 1-2 towns over. And most of the time, mark location cover the quick way point.
  6. as a hoarder and a builder, this annoyed me. I don't like using the large box because it so cumbersome and take so much space.
  7. Could we have something like this as a mod for the bow? 4-5 shots before reload, fast bow pull, can fire bolt.
  8. I main knife and pistol for looting, machine gun/ak for horde night. on day 50 ish, I have about 2k 9mm and 1k (spent 1k already on horde nights) 7.62 I remember things wrong, I bring 1-2k of each ammo types, got about 6-7k ammo each type from lootings. All from looting, if you don't daka daka spam, you should have no issue with ammo, hs do wonders (setup electric fence or barbwire to slow them down for hs). Traps on horde night also help with ammo consumption, once you get a tree farm up, it free wood spikes. I do craft AP ammo but I haven't use them much...yet.
  9. on one hand, I definitely want this, on the other, I can see how "OP" this is and this revert back to don't have a reason to leave the base. What I think is make it a skill and how much animal you kept is base on the skill. And there need to be something offset it a bit so it not just free resource. My version of this suggestion. Level 1: chicken/rabit cage schematic to put the animals in (also help not rendering the animals and take away game resources), 4 animals per cage (2x1x2). hand net schematic (to capture/move them). Max animal capture is 2, if you trie
  10. there also that rocky look for some of the dirt, very confusing. e.g at 2:48
  11. there is a benefit for the water purifier mod, you condense water/murky water stack into jars whiles looting XD. non jar tosser represent.
  12. I think the reason why crafting always feel underpower/behind looting in A18 is the double gate. Looting/item gate and perk quality gate. I know the moto is the best item require loot only item. However the quality of said item is tied into perk, 3rd tier item schematic is unlocked via loot only, AND the best quality for the item is from loot only (Q6). Crafting gears just not viable, you can craft a low tier gear as a place holder until you can loot a replacement for it. just my 2c, what if instead of the perk govern the quality. Perk lvl 1 allow you to craft and upgrade the item (t
  13. not sure if it my luck or there a bug with one of the book. I read a book on finding more empty can. Day 13 120 mins day, I'm in constant state of hunger despite I'm practically playing hermit for the time being. I found so much cans, but severely lacking food. Any can foods I found are just enough to not to starve to death. are the can replacing food in the loot rolls chance or am I just unlucky and would not get the food in the first place? I loot 3 small towns and currently only have enough food for the next day or so atm and it was the result of so many accidental death that auto
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