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  1. Yea there are times where I only have 15 fps on medium settings. I can run any other game on ultra 1440p without any problems. I run a i5-8600k, 2070 super, 16 gb ram, nvme ssd.
  2. I don't spend enough time reinforcing the positives, but coming back to the game from a18, I absolutely love the silenced desert vulture. Not only does the sfx sound like it packs a punch, but the animations and ragdoll are beautiful. The damage is also appropriate. I also love that they changed the aiming system for rifles. Before it'd take 10 seconds or more to place a single shot without tons of perk points. It was absolutely the worst and no one ever used those guns because of it. The way it is now is beautiful. Kudos. I will say though that the new unsilenced desert vulture an
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