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  1. I kind of miss having some skills you build just by doing activities. Practice by repetition with marksmanship, improved mining, stuff like that seemed understandable to progress by doing. - - - Updated - - - I just wish there were a way to set a battery bank down for stuff, then have a solar panel or two linked to recharge the banks during the day. Or a way to set up an auto-fueling for Generators.
  2. @Faatal I think the NVG are broken. It doesn't illuminate anything at all, just gives everything a green tint in the sky, ground is still pitch black. They started doing that at b199. Not sure if maybe one of the graphics settings fix it, or if something got mistakenly tweaked with it.
  3. @faatal Are the shotguns gonna be fixed to not use scopes, but use the reflex sight?
  4. I wonder if they know the Night Vision Goggles are evidently broken now too.
  5. Biggest thing I hope gets fixed in the way of RWG is the "Cliff Roads" Where you're just movin' along and suddenly you drop down, break your legs, and the zombies still know you're a living person despite your shuffling like them as you try to keep going. I'd play on Navezgame but I hate that map. It's too small for my liking.
  6. Actually you can just toggle aiming, just tap the aim button and it should stay aimed until you click again.
  7. I wonder if an Auto-Run could be implimented. Especially with the vehicles coming in, if you're driving / riding a long stretch, it would make it much better to not have to hold down a key, so you can focus more on steering.
  8. Another thought, in regards to the draw bridge. We now have two garage doors, one 3 wide, one 5 wide. Bridge is 4 blocks wide. Wouldn't it make sense to just make it 3 or 5 wide?
  9. Shotguns. Is there a plan to be able to put reflex sights on them, instead of scopes? Scopes that can be put on are way off on the model. Another concern is the vehicle steering. I have to keep changing my mouse sensitivity, maybe we could get a seperate slider for vehicle steering versus the general mouse look? Also there's a lot of blocks that are way too shiny, which is killing performance. As well as when a mass of zombies show up it starts to kill framerates as well. and Are we going to get our FOV selection back or do we need to just rely on using the console command from now on?
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