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  1. I know but it's too smart. It's like they're mathematically and programmed know what you are horizontally, precisely below down. It is unatural. They also know where to jump and land with 100% precise accuracy. These are not traits of zombie, not even smart ones, they're smart ninjas. 2. Yeah I think i need to make it bigger.
  2. I don't know where to put this, but last time I created a bunker down below until bedrock. We made a hole so that zombies would fall below until bedrock and we prepared traps too below. But what happened was the zombie on the surface detected our position down below (we were above bedrock), and 5-7 of them started to DIG down straight in a single hole up above (check picture I attached below). Luckily I managed to detect that using God mode, one day they might take us by surprise by emerging on top of us down in the bunker. Sure, this can be evaded if we made a concrete/harder floor
  3. Ah, I see. I pray one day you guys manage to do optimization or something so that you guys can create randomly generated zombie's appereance that wont affect performance!
  4. I've seen most zombies have similar clothing: big woman wearing white clothes, the holiday beach dude wearing same pattern,etc. If possible, please randomly generated their clothing colors, or patterns, so that it wont feel same too much (Left 4 dead does this) Here is my suggestion, for later on: 1. Random colors of clothing (as a very basic thing to start with) 2. Random pattern (even ripped clothes, dot, striped) 3. Random hairs (short, full, bald, etc) 4. Random accesories (hat, bagpack, watch) 5. Random additional clothing (jacket, backpack, overalls, etc) 6. Missing accessories (h
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