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  1. Nah, just gonna have fun with friends until we find another game. From everyone else's replies in this forum it really seems like everyone is just satisfied with the current state of things. I'm not asking to rush things either for a Triple A release. Considering all these, this game will probably not leave this state for the next 2 - 5 years. Hopefully by that time something better that has a similar genre to this game comes out. Not really asking for a rushed triple A title, at almost 10 years of development you'd expect something more than what it has.
  2. Just recently started playing with 5 friends and never have I experienced so much lag from any other game than this one. Every horde night, or even Tier V POIs everyone's PC halts to a crawl and this is even at extremely low settings. Heck my Fallout 4 save with more than 500+ mods runs better than this! Even our minecraft server with huge mods and contraptions runs better. I've dug a bit deeper and found out devs keep changing the core mechanics of this game and that it's been on Alpha for almost 10 years now, just why? We've been enjoying this game but optimization issue, lag, and the upcoming change to the system will probably kill our game time. Is there any plan to fix the optimization issue? How about the other mechanics? Are they gonna change it again? All this new info about the development history of the game makes me feel so depressed as a player.
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