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  • dynamic brightness is implemented backwards

    • Version: A21

    Summary: The pseudo-HDR dynamic brightness adjustment is implemented backwards

    Game Version: A21 b313

    OS/Version: Windows

    CPU Model: Intel 7700K

    System Memory: 32 GB

    GPU Model and VRAM: GTX 1080ti 12GB

    Screen Resolution: 3440x1440

    Video Settings: High

    Game mode: SP


    Did you wipe old saves? No


    Did you start a new game? Yes


    Did you validate your files? Yes


    Are you using any mods? No


    EAC on or off? off


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description:

    The pseudo-HDR dynamic exposure adjustment appears to be implemented in reverse.  The screen should get brighter as the average brightness of the scene on screen decreases, but the reverse appears to be true, making already bright scenes brighter, and already dark scenes darker.


    It's possible this is implemented simply by whether you're standing in daylight, as opposed to averaging the brightness of the visible scene.  No idea.  Either way, it goes against physics and intuition, in that one can stand outside and look into a dark area, and the dark area appears very bright and washed out.  Then step inside the dark area, and it goes black.


    Related feature request: make this togglable (or reversible) in settings.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    No special steps to reproduce; issue is with graphics implementation; not game state.


    Actual result: 

    1) Move into a brightly lit area, screen gets brighter.

    2) Move into a dimly lit area, screen gets darker.


    Expected result:

    1) Move into a brightly lit area, screen gets darker (or no change, sans the feature).

    2) Move into a dimly lit area, screen gets brighter (or no change, sans the feature).



    User Feedback

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    +1 to this, it makes it difficult to go through some quests (or near impossible) in early game.

    I just did a clear quest in a mushroom mine and ended up having to turn the brightness up in settings to 100% as I otherwise was unable to see anything (literal black screen) as I didn't have a torch or flashlight with me.  This was despite there being  a light hanging 4 meters from me in the mineshaft.

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