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  • Twitch Integration Events not triggering when remaining bits balance is zero

    • Version: A21 (b324)

    Summary: On multiple occasions I have noticed that the integration does not seem to generate events when the remaining bits post-purchase is zero.  This does not matter whether it is 25 bits or 500 bits. 

    Game Version: A21(b324)

    OS/Version: Windows

    Browser: Firefox 114.0.2 64-bit


    EAC on or off? OFF


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: When purchasing actions with bits, if the remaining balance after purchase is 0, bits are taken from purchaser's balance and no action is triggered.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) use Firefox browser

    2) have a bits balance exactly matching any event/spawn in integration

    3) purchase that event/spawn

    4) experience disappoint when interaction not generated


    Actual result: Nothing is happening.  Bits are taken but nothing happens in game.  The event is not triggered for the streamer so they cannot refund the action.


    Expected result: The expected event (i.e. drop held, group chickens, mine field, destroy base, etc) should trigger. 

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