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  • Server going down while in inventory breaks searching

    • Version: A21.2 b6+

    Was in an inventory while my friend shut down server and when we rejoined I couldn't loot anything. I could move around and ride my bike just fine but could not pick anything up or go into lootables. We both had to restart our pcs to fix it

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    Well, fortunately, I did find another issue related to a server shutting down while a player is in the inventory, but I couldn't get the effect of not being able to pick up things or go into lootables.


    What were you doing in your inventory when your friend shut the server down (examples: were you moving something already in the inventory, did you just loot something from a chest, etc)?



    So I was able to reproduce some odd things that can happen with this, but I've yet to reproduce that effect yet. When you have a chance, an answer to what you were doing at the time and a log file from the server and yourself, would be awesome. Thanks :)

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