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  • server 21.1 not updating

    • Version: 21.1

    I have tried updating my hosted server, but each time it updates it remains on v21.0.

    have tried

    app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental-unstable


    and got


    Success! App '294420' already up to date.



    yet it is still on V21.0 but the users are on 21.1


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    Just use "app_update 294420" and you will get A21.1 stable. "-beta latest_experimental" should do as well (which is the usual line for getting experimental, where did you get the info you should use "-unstable" from) ?


    Just checked myself, both lines above lead to A21.1 on my server.



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    There is a logs directory inside the Steam dir. Check the content_log.txt file to determine what it downloads and where to:


    Search for all lines with "updated" in it. The last line in my case was


    [2023-08-10 20:25:50] AppID 294420 starting commit from "/home/days/clean/steamapps/downloading/294420" to "/home/days/clean" : 12 updated, 0 moved, 0 deleted files


    It shows you where it downloads to (in my case I changed it to a directory "/home/days/clean") and when (in my case I updated 2 days ago to the last experimental).


    Compare to your expectations.


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    Hi, yes that was it, thank you very much, it was driving me nuts. My original folder was C:\ but it decided a better place was \steamapps\common\  lol.


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