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    Hey so this isn't so much as a bug report but more of a progression/balance issue I've seen in both Alpha 20 and Alpha 21. But gear progression is quite a bit skewed right now towards using lower kind of gear instead of using the new gear the players just unlocked. An example of this I've seen is that a tier 5 padded glove is strictly better than a tier 1 leather glove. And it isn't just restricted to armor but all gear, weapons, armor, tools, etc. Now I bring this up because I LOOOOVE the new system of progression right now. But it felt really bad when I finally unlocked the ability to craft leather armor. Only to find out all my gear I was wearing which was and still is padded armor tier 4-5 mix, is just strictly better than the leather armor. And I would have to wait until I'm able to craft Tier 3 or higher leather armor. So you can imagine my disappointment when seeing that. Now this has been in the game for a while as it was an issue in Alpha 20 as well. While yes, historically Gambeson (closest to padded armor) was actually strictly better in both protection, repairability, and cheapness then leather armor was, this is after all: a video game. And I myself, wouldn't want to see others get disappointed when they unlock a new thing, only to see what they have on is better.

    So I hope you guys take a re-look at all the gear in the game among tools, weapons, and armor, and do some number adjustments to make progression even more smooth than it already is. But whatever you guys choose to do: Keep up the good work and I can't wait for this version to be released!

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