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  1. Well let's look at all the slots a character can fit. For the head we have the Hat, Glasses, and Face Mask. For the chest we have Overcoat, Chest Armor, and Shirt. For the hands we have gloves, for the lets we have leg armor and pants. And for the feet we have boots. The parts that armor only takes are the chest armor, hat, gloves, leg armor, and boots. Those are the main slots for the armor, this leaves the overcoat, shirt, glasses, face mask, and pants pretty much left to whatever the player desires. If the new sets were clothing instead, they can fit into any of those instead of the armor slots to apply their bonuses. And if needed there can be made some armors too specifically for the sets. But because they're looking at "removing" the 10 slot system instead of using the clothing slots to it's fullest potential. I feel that the way I'm suggesting would be better overall
  2. So we all know how controversial the armor/model ideas are. Well I think there is a way to have a good middleground. We keep the current 10 slot idea. But instead we make sets for regular clothing. This should make designs a bit better without removing the 10 slots the players love
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