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  • Craft Timer Stop (Campfire, Forge Workbench)

    • Version: Alpha 21.2 (b14)

    I have to stay by the campfire or the timer will stop.

    The same is at the forge or workbench.

    If I stay in the menu the timer counts down and the objects are processed.

    If I close the menu and remove myself, then it stops and is not automatically processed.

    The problem occurs on a mod server and in a new singleplayer world.


    Server with Mods:



    Singleplayer without Mods Alpha 21.2 (b14)



    Singleplayer without Mods Alpha 21.1 (b16)



    Singleplayer without Mods Alpha 21 (b324) ALL Work!


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    Have to call this a mod issue. 


    If you remove your mods, you must ensure the mods are actually removed from the folder and verify the game files to ensure everything is correct, and then start a new game without the mods to test. Can't reproduce this at all.

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