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  • 7daystodie.exe stop working

    • Version: A21 b324 stable

    Summary: Game freez with crash

    Game Version: (A21 b324)

    OS/Version: Windows 10 64bit

    CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core Processor  3.40 GHz

    System Memory: 32GB 3200/3600MGHZ DDR4

    GPU Model and VRAM:  AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Sapphire Nitro+ 24GB Vram

    Screen Resolution: 2560x1440 (Fullscreen)Dynamic resolution = Off,Vsync = Off, FOV=85

    Video Settings:

    Texturequality= Full
    Texturefiltering= Ultra
    UMA-Texturequality= High
    Quality of reflexions = Ultra
    Reflected shadows= On
    Shadowdistance = High
    Quality of water = High
    Partikels = 100%
    Viewdistance = 100%
    Level of Detail = 100%
    Terrain Quality = Ultra
    Lawndistance = High
    Object qualtiy =Ultra
    Ambient occolusion = On
    Bloom = Off
    Depht of field = Off
    Motion blur = Off
    SSAO = On
    SS-Reflection = High
    Sunrais = Off


    Did you wipe old saves? Yes


    Did you start a new game? Yes


    Did you validate your files? Yes


    Are you using any mods? Yes


    EAC on or off? OFF


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: 7daystodie.exe stop working


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1)Use a custom HUD that change the bars and compass.

    2)7daystodie.exe stop working, mostly happened at evening to morning. (Something with the light ?)

    3)Test some custom HUDs but its every time the same. Only a change at the toolbeld (15 Slot Toolbelt) works well.


    HUDs i testet: Donovan UI, Better Vanilla (Including a HUD), Simple UI. Maybe some more but i dont find them again.

    Looks like there is a main problem with the mod compatibility for the HUD.  If i use a mod that only effects the toolbelt everything is fine. But if i use a mod that change the bars and compass i got these crash. (mostly evening to morning)

    I dont have a log file. Dont know where i find them when playing the better vanilla mod with modlauncher. 😞 If you need it extremly i can play a normal game to a crash and get the log if that helps you.


    Actual result: (description of what is occurring)

    7daystodie.exe stop working - game crash

    Expected result: (what you expect to occur)

    7daystodie.exe keep working

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    We support the ability for the community to make mods, but we do not support the mods themselves.
    Any issues related to a mod must be handled by the mod creator.

    Good Luck!

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