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  • my game save is bugged

    • Version: A21.1

    I have 18 days of play, several improvements and achievements, I was at level 10 and already had several equipment, but after a sudden power outage while the game was paused, after turning on the PC and trying to enter the game I saw that my save was bugged. my character appeared at the beginning of the game, he no longer has the skills, achievements, armor or items that I had. However, it's still the 18th, the map is as it should be, my base is set up.


    I want some answer to solve this problem, I was happy with my progress and suddenly this happens.

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    There are dev items that will help you regain what you lost. Enter "cm" in the F1 console, click the dev blocks button "looks like some buildings" in the creative menu (U, or click the light bulb) and enter "dev"


    We're working on save redundancy, though.

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    Yeah you can return here anytime. Yeah in that dev item list there are XP bundles, skill/book items (you can just search for those in the cm menu, the dev items will max them out). giveselfxp is a console command to give yourself XP too, if you want.

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