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  • Tier 1 Stun Baton w/ Repulsor

    • Version: A21 b324

    Summary: I have a Tier 1 Stun Baton with Brown paint, Weighted Head Mod and a Repulsor Mod attached. When fighting Zombies with an Ally  and party member where both of us are in melee with the zombies, twice the baton has procced the stun effect sending my ally flying with an effect that is very similar to them being hit with the Sledge turret. 

    Game Version: (A21 b324)

    OS/Version: (Windows)

    CPU Model:  I am not certain

    System Memory: (I believe I have 8Gb

    GPU Model and VRAM: I am not certain

    Video Settings: (Ultra )

    Game mode: (I play PVE on BGG servers)


    Did you wipe old saves? yes


    Did you start a new game? yes this is a new game as of A21 b324 dropping. Day 23


    Did you validate your files? yes


    Are you using any mods? I am not but Blue Goo Gaming's standard mods are on such as reset zones for cities


    EAC on


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: 

    In 2 different fights with zombies with Stun Baton,  my ally and I have been in melee with zombies and I have sent her flying when the stun baton procc'ed.  This went off when standing next to ally and both of us facing the same zombie and when surrounding a zombie from both sides and hitting that zombie. This second time, I was able to see the zombie fly a split second before my ally went flying into the wall even when I was on the opposite side of the zombie of my ally. Both times, I was targeting the Zombie and not my ally.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) Tier 1 Stun Baton modded with: Brown Paint, Weighted Head Mod, Repulsor Mod. In this order

    2)  This occured in the wasteland in a city. Do not know if this matters but thats where we were.

    3)  This did occur in 2 different POI's


    Actual result: sending ally flying when near a zombie that is actually hit by a stun baton equipped with the repulsor mod.


    Expected result: I do not expect to send an ally flying with the stun baton, Unless this is new to A21.  Ally was not the intended target of attack nor was actually hit by my swing.  If so, this change may impact usage of the repulsor mod.  If I take off the repulsor mod, and use stun baton with no other changes, it does not affect ally in any way, only with the repulsor mod equiped. 

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    So with further testing, I currently have a Q5 stun baton, when I put the Repulsor mod on and procc the weapon it can send several zombies flying with a single swing as well.

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