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  • Bug: XP Deficit Death Penalty not working as intended

    Dr. O
    • Version: A21.2 b30

    Upon first death, the (now red) XP bar should show a 25% XP deficit. However, it goes to 50%. The text upon first respawn however, is correct, it goes: "You have been resurrected, 25% XP lost". Upon second death, the XP bar stays at 50% (having reached the limit).


    The default value of ExpDeficitPerDeathPercentage is 0.25.

    The default value of ExpDeficitMaxPercentage is 0.5.


    After playing around with these two variables, it seems that the game always takes two times the value of ExpDeficitPerDeathPercentage, and assigns the result as the XP deficit. So the 25% turn into 50%, although the respawn message mentions 25%.


    On the attached screenshot (vanilla settings) you can see the XP bar filled red up to 50% after my first death, although it says I lost 25% XP.

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    Thank you for reporting. I was able to reproduce this and have written an internal ticket. It appears to only happen if you are not the host of the game.

    For future bug reports, please use this bug form here:


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