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  • Bugging blood moon zombie spawning.

    • Version: A21.2

    Simply put, I don't have an interest in pointing out this works both in SP, MP and in dedicated servers.

    During the day leading up to the blood moon, you start a high level infested mission (I did it and rechecked to confirm). While the mission is in progress and blood moon starts, the only zombies that will ever spawn, are those in direct affiliation with the mission you are doing. This still applies even if you die. There will be no zombies affiliated with blood moon.

    I was doing the initial mission in Dishong tower (Infested), and I recreated the incident in the very same tower with an identical mission. On day 7, I started both missions, and didn't deliberatedly die untill I was in the middle of the blood moon. I died by accident the first time around, which triggered the no zombies spawning for blood moon. I then waited till the next comming blood moon, and redid everything. started mission well before the horde should arrive, but intentionally didn't finish it. Then BM started, and I deliberately decided to die again, just to verify that I could recreate the bug. Which I did..

    I then recreated it a SP and self hosted MP. all 4 times, I ended up with no blood moon zombies spawning, when dying during a mission and having blood moon active.

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    Thank you for reporting.

    If I understand correctly there are two issues you mentioned

    1. No blood moon zombies spawning if you have a high level infested quest active when the blood moon starts
    2. No blood moon zombies spawning after you die during a blood moon


    #2 is intentional to prevent new players from being stuck in a constant death loop. 

    #1 I could not reproduce, the blood moon zombies still spawned for me while I had an infested quest active (Dishong Tower). We'll need some more info on this one, please see below thread on how to file a bug report


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