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  • bugged supply crate from fetch missions

    • Version: a21 b317

    Summary: White river supply crate stuck in inventory.


    Game Version: (A21 b317)

    OS/Version: (Windows)

    CPU Model: (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz (cores: 12)

    System Memory: (32GB)

    GPU Model and VRAM: (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (5968 MB)

    Screen Resolution: (1920x1080)

    Video Settings: (High)

    Game mode: (MP client)


    Did you wipe old saves? (No)


    Did you start a new game? (No)


    Did you validate your files? (No)


    Are you using any mods? (No)


    EAC on


    Status: NEW


    Bug Description: Cannot remove white river supply crate from inventory, Locks me out of 1 of my inventory slots and has the potential to happen again causing a loss of slots each time.


    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug:

    1) My game crashed after collecting the crate in a fetch/clear mission.

    2) Rejoined game and was back at the start. the mission step was to trigger the rally point to reset the POI before entering.

    3) Carried out the mission a 2nd time round and I'm assuming the supply crate from before crash was still in inventory (I didn't look)

    4) Completed mission and turned in as usual but the supply crate from before crash remained in Inventory (2nd Crate was turned in with the quest)


    Actual result: The supply crate is now stuck in my inventory, No quest to turn it in with, cannot be dropped, remains in inventory after player death even when set to drop inventory on death, spoke to server host the only solution he was aware of was to wipe my character from server and restart from fresh.


    Expected result: Hopefully a way to drop or destroy the supply crate on public release.


    Output log. https://pastebin.com/s0ARTcv4


    Screen Shot. https://imgur.com/a/nw3PklG


    As seen in the screen shot I have the white river supplies but the mission step (different mission to the one that I crashed during) is to head to rally point.

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    Thank you for reporting.

    I was not able to reproduce this.  Is this on a dedicated server or a peer to peer game?  Were you in a party at the time?  


    If the server owner can give you admin rights to access the creative menu,  you can open the creative menu and press the trash icon in your inventory to remove everything in your inventory to get rid of the quest item.  Make sure you don't have anything else in your inventory,  because it will delete everything in it.  The trash icon (clear inventory) is in the top right of your inventory.

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