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  • Able to bypass search timer/delay when searching bird nest

    • Version: A21.1(b16)


    * In any biome, walk around until you find an untouched bird nest

    * target the nest (aim cursor at nest)

    * hit E, then immediately hit E again (should begin searching nest, then cancel the search action)

    * observe



    Cancels the search, but drops nest contents as a backpack, on top of nest.



    Expected the search to cancel, as with lock pick action, or when opening any container the first time.



    This is obviously not a game breaking bug, but may indicate issues with the search function. 

    I am only able to reproduce this issue with bird nests. Tried on various size ammo piles, medical cabinet, chem set, cooler, and various other containers, but so far only the bird nest seems to be affected.


    Logs & Screenshots

    N/A in this case.


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