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  • A21 b15 EXP quest bug server - failed fetch but had satchel and still have satchel after fail

    • Version: A21 b15 EXP

    I am participating on the quest bug hut server that was announce on discord.
    Found a bug...

    Not sure when it happened...
    Did the POI, looted my satchel, left the poi
    As I left the poi at a run to get back to the trader - I hit the red barrier of sadness and failed the mission.
    After much cussing and confusion, here I am.
    The quest shows failed - because I exited the POI boundary so that mechanism worked.
    But I have the quests satchel and it was only a fetch not fetch & kill, so I didn't get credit for looting the satchel.
    You can see in the screen shot I have two satchels in my bag, one of them is for a quest I need to turn in that isn't bugged.
    I should note that a zombie hit me while I was looting the container if that makes a difference. I generally loot a container and press R to loot it quickly rather than click ui buttons.
    I also can't seem to do anything with the satchel, can't pick it up, its just a lost/unusable inventory slot now.
    That's about all I can recount about the issue.





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    Thank you for reporting.

    I am not able to reproduce this issue with the information given.

    Please follow the instructions written in the pinned post and fill out a new bug report with the necessary information.  We will especially need an output log from both the server and the client from when the issue occurred. 


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