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  • High end PC "hitching" / "Stuttering"


    Summary: Regularly spaced micro-stutters.


    Game Version: A20 Experimental branch

    Platform: PC

    OS/Version: Windows 10 64b

    CPU Model: 5600x

    System Memory: 32, running xmp. 3600 speed.

    GPU Model and VRAM: Nvidia Geforce 3080 10gb

    Screen Resolution: standard 1080p

    Video Settings: Any

    Game mode:MP client / SP


    Did you wipe old saves? Y

    Did you start a new game? Y

    Did you validate your files? Y

    Are you using any mods? N

    EAC: on


    Logs: Logs show nothing out of the ordinary. Not seeing any errors thrown. No null reference mentions. No entity issues. Lacking any long-term logs because of fresh reinstall.



    Hello, I will start by saying I did go to the google document and search for terms like hitch, lag, stutter and polling rate.


    My system is a 5600x AMD cpu with the latest bios, chipset drivers, and all that. I've also got a Nvidia GTX 3080. My brother's system is nearly the same but he has a 3070 instead. He has a different motherboard to me, so that eliminated that factor. We are both windows 10. Both also having realtek audio. The pair of us are playing A20 and we're both experiencing a very regular stutter. We're reaching high FPS just fine, the issue is that every 2 or 3 seconds, it's as if the system is freezing for fraction of a second.

    It doesn't matter if we run on high settings or low settings. Vsync on or off. I've got the option of nvidia's Gsync and he doesn't. That didn't help. I'm seeing it in single player as well as remotely hosted multiplayer. I cleared my cache, and his install is brand new because I bought the game for him.

    On a hunch, I even tried to go from a gaming mouse back down to a low polling rate mouse as I recall articles from 2 years ago about high polling rate mouses causing issues in gaming.

    I'm curious what I can do to try to diagnose this cause with at least my PC. (can't do my brother's system, he lives hours away from me, heh. Just bringing it up in the case that it is a problem with Nvidia's newest driver package.)



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    Optimization is always on the table and being worked on.


    For now, lots of users have had good luck assigning 7 days to 4 cores (can do this via task manager or other methods).


    Another thing you can do is run the game in exclusive full screen mode (can do this in the launcher; while you're in the launcher, check Use Native Input Module). You can also lower your resolution by a little bit.


    The game does like fast drive speed, so try running it off of an SSD or NVME.

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