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  • Wetness too sensitive


    I'm not sure if this is a bug for sure but I've noticed that the wetness is too sensitive like if it is raining or snowing a bit hard, you go straight from being dry to 100% wet even with wearing clothes that are a bit waterproof and with cold resistance. It makes me cold no matter how much cold resistance I have even when wearing a torch. Like in my little garage I stay in in my world, if it is raining, there's trapdoor on the ceiling which isn't fully covered up, it makes me wet to almost 100% like it seems like the wetness sensitivity is too high.

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    5 minutes ago, Defector said:

    Noticed that as well but only when it is heavy raining which kind of makes sense. Still going straight to 100 % is weird. : ) 

    Exactly like I know there are no umbrellas in the game but wouldn't your jacket or whatever clothing you're wearing protect you from most of the wetness like I have a winter jacket that is water resistant and even windproof, you can pour water on it and it won't even be that wet afterwards lol

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