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  • Weird Zombie bug


    So I started a new world with 2 friends, 1 of which is running the world, I have this weird Zombie bug where sometimes the zombies are stuck in slowmo, they'll stand around, when hit by heavy attacks & they fall down, they fall down in slowmo. It seems to be limited to poi zombies. This is on the latest alpha version, it's also just me, the zombies are just fine for my friends, or maybe they just haven't been looting multiple pois like I have. We've only played a single day so far so not sure if it'll be fix when we play again today or if it's just broken forever.

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    i mean i didn't see it in the known bugs, or see anyone else bring this up, the bug fixed in the end, not sure how it could've happened other than dying a bunch at the start, & it was either through dying again or just a new session that fixed it, maybe being out at night when ferals spawned.

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