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  • Steamworks.Net NET could not send package to server


    As soon as it hits 2200, the players in my server get errors listed in the title.  This causes them to lose all progress from traders and book reads.  Screenshots attached.

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    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

    Unfortunately,  the image you posted is just a small thumbnail,  and does not help us pinpoint the issue.  

    Did you or any other player on the server have a drone deployed at any time?  There is a bug with the drone in A20.4 that will cause multiple issues on dedicated servers and peer to peer games.  The error text in the title is one of the error texts you may get from the bug with the drone.

    There will be a fix for this issue in a future update.  For now,  you could delete the drone.dat file on the server.  All drone information on the server will be lost,  but that should hopefully get rid of the errors.


    If the issue was not caused by the drone,  we will be needing more information to determine what the issue may be.  Please read the pinned post for instructions on how to post a bug report.


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