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  • Sledge turret and player falling through a solid block on horde night


    This is my first time reporting a bug in this forum.


    On my second horde night (day 14), I was fighting on an elevated horde base 5 blocks high (all cobblestone). I then randomly fell through my base onto the ground (asphalt) at around 0200H, and was eaten by zombies. 


    On another horde night (day 49 or 56), I placed a sledge turret on top of my horde base to fight off birds. However in the morning I found my sledge turret inside the base. The base is made of reinforced steel blocks. 

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    couple issues here.

    1. not a usable report that gives more inf such as logs showing the issue. (all of the requested info is in the link below.

    2. why is this placed in WIP?

    please read Hated's post on making a usable report.

    far more info and output logs are needed as well.

    click on the red or blue banner above or link below to see what is needed.

    QA Tester-unholyjoe


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