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  • Quest reset area, including everything that's set up


    So a couple of my friends and I are currently playing the new A20, which so far has been fine; wonky issues here and there, but nothing was really bad... until we did a quest that was in one of the buildings next to where we set up our base of operations. after we activated the quest, the building was reset; all the boxes, loot, etc was reset. That was fine, but it also reset all the buildings adjacent to this one building, and so everything that we had created and changed in one of those buildings was completely removed, including chests, crafting stations, all farmed materials, even our beds were erased from existence. We had to completely start over with farming and gathering with only what we had in our inventory. TL;DR, starting quests near house in building bad. 

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    Not a "bug". If you start a quest the poi will reset.
    If it is your base, already in A19 at least a hint was shown (not sure if it entirely prevented starting the quest) if you have either a BEDROLL or a LANDCLAIM placed there.

    So simply always place bedrolls and/or landclaimblocks if you want to prevent this happening.

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