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  • Optic scope 8x too much sensitivity aim


    The controls settings of mouse sensitivity (2nd line) is appear on RMB aim, but it do not looking on the 8x optic parameter and still moving aim to fast. sorry my eng. to bad,  i cant realize and  describe it correct, but i think you can check it and get what is wrong with aim.

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    On 12/30/2021 at 10:40 PM, Jugginator said:

    Not a proper bug report but sensitivity is something to check in the future.



    i think i have run into this as well, i'll try to explain it better. i use a controller so not sure of the buttons on keyboard.

    If you equip the 8x scope onto the sniper rifle when you aim you can push up on the d-pad and the scope zooms in more, this is where the sensitivity settings seems to be ignored. best way for me to reproduce it is spinning around in a circle while aiming and the pushing up on the d-pad, you start spinning around what seems like twice as fast and it is way more sensitive that the setting i have set for " sensitivity when aiming". i set it all the way to 0 and the zoom in movement speed is still very fast.

    hope this helps

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