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    Sometimes, not all the time, when I try to open; my inventory, a bag, a crate, a loot box, a vehicle's inventory, etc., my game stops responding to the point where I get the close game/wait for response dialog box.  Usually it is a matter of waiting a minute but the game does completely crash sometimes. I have watched task manager when this happens and RAM seems to drop significantly, and then start climbing again.  My friends and I play on a rented server and I did not have this problem on the last map (same update).  It only began happening when a new map was created. The only difference in the maps is the map generation (and a new POI I discovered (WHICH IS FANTASTIC BTW)).  I meet the minimum specifications and have not had problems until this new map was created. I play on Lowest settings and I am content with the bit of lag I get from time to time (entering cities, random horde spawns, etc.). If I could afford a new rig or upgrades I would do so but as I am on limited income that is not an option. I am confused as to why this was not an issue on the last map (update was released and server was updated) but started when a new map was created after the same update. Everything about the map is the same as the last map (size, random gen, etc.).  Please let me know if this is a bug and there is a work around for it, or if I just need to stop playing until I can get an upgrade/new PC. I appreciate your time and look forward to a response.

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    Thank you for reporting.

    In order to pinpoint the issue you are having,  we will be needing some information and an output log from you.

    Please read the pinned post on how to report a bug.


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