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  • A20 B238 FPS drop between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM.


    A20 b138

    Single Player

    Log File: A20FPS Problem - Pastebin.com


    So far, I am only seeing this happen.


    I am down in my mine gathering Stone and Iron (starting around 11:00 PM) and the FPS is consistently ~60FPS. Right at 3:00 AM, the FPS drops to ~10-15 FPS. It stays this way until 4:00 AM and then goes back to ~60 FPS.


    This has been very consistent. I don't always notice it because some nights I am doing inventory management or spending skills. It is repeatable though: I have so far been monitoring it for 4 nights in a row and the same thing keeps happening.


    Other than this, I have not noticed anything crazy happening.


    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for the Report, but please read the pinned topic.  We will need to know more details in order to identify the problem and how to reproduce it.


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