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    I have been playing on a modded multiplayer server running darkness falls.  The issue is that after playing for several hours I will get a null reference error pop up in the console and I will no longer be able to interact with any inventories.  The only fix is to relog.  Upon relogging, I will find that I have reverted character progress to a state several hours earlier.   I will also relog in a completely different position on the map.  The server's data is unaffected as I will have the same inventory as when I logged off and any vehicles and or drones will be where I was when I logged off, but my Perks and Levels will be reverted.  After this happens my save file appears to be permanently corrupted.  From this point forward progress will not save when I log off, this remains true whether I play for 5 minutes or multiple hours.  The first time this happened after playing for several days on the server.  I completely reinstalled the game, mod, and mod launcher.  I made a new character and the issue happened again within a few hours.  I have my output_log file but the upload file button will only allow images to be uploaded.



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    There was an issue with the drone corrupting player data on a mp game in A20.4 b42.

    You may be able to fix the issue by deleting the drones.dat and drones.dat.bak files on the server.  This will remove all drone data on the server.

    If that doesn't fix the issue,  you will need to have your player files deleted from the server.  The .ttp,  the .ttp.bak,  and the .map files.  This will reset your character level to 1,  but you should be able to continue play on the server.

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    I will have them try and delete the drone data.  This makes sense as to why only I had the issue as I was the only one with a drone.  What's more when we deleted the player data files and used a new character the issue only occurred again after I found my old character's drone.  Which recognized me and began following.  Will post results after testing.

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