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  • Structural Integrity Issue


    With Zombies attacking bases more, this is critical. I built a concrete base that is 5x5 with a 3x3 hollowed center. And a door on one side. Very simple. It was also 2 stories tall. It only had concrete and steel and electronics like motor, switches, electric traps attached to it. Later I wanted to re-enforce the floor as it was currently sand. So I dug around under the base 3 blocks at a time from the inside. First I dug out the 3x3 core, then 3 blocks under the wall, replaced with concrete and then another 3 blocks. Confident it would hold as it is full concrete. But when I dug out the last sand block in the corner (see image), The entire base collapsed. Not just a couple of blocks from up top, but a chain reaction that destroyed even the base that was firmly on solid ground. Based on the structural integrity rules this should never happen. This is game breaking if zombies are going to attack bases more. I can't have an entire concrete base collapse if a couple of blocks get knocked out. One idea is the fact that these chain reaction collapses happen. So maybe somethin stuck to  a wall on the top floor like an electric fence lost its structural integrity and then it collapsing caused a chain reaction to go through  the entire base. Just an idea.  I'm going to wait for a response before playing  again as losing 3 weeks of work was upsetting and I can't have this happen all the time. I'm going to rebuild in god mode and see if I can spot the trigger. I will update if I do.


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    OK, I rebuilt in God mode. After rebuilding I had no structural integrity issue at all. I removed the sand a second time to cause the collapse and nothing happened. Sorry. I could  not reproduce. A strange side effect was when I replaced  the generator and traps and  switch, the electrical wires spawned in on their own. A couple were missing and I could not reconnect the wires. But it all worked. Electricity was flowing but I couldn't changed the wiring. During collapse the wiring info remained as a ghost  and glitched back  in after reconstruction. Anyway, not sure what to do here with this bug, I guess it can  be filed  in the X-files.  Note: I still think  the chain reaction collapse should  be removed. Only  collapse the blocks that  fail integrity. Don't let it spread to blocks that are on solid foundation.

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    OK so it seems this bug is already known about. Skippy's Youtube channel explains it. But essentially as I went around the foundation removing sand and replacing it with concrete the structural integrity would update when the sand was removed but not repair itself after the concrete is added. So once I removed the last sand block in the corner that was essentially holding up the base, the base collapsed. I was unable to reproduce it above because when I rebuilt in GOD mode I didn't repeat the removal and replacement from the beginning. I only repeated it for the last 3 blocks.  Why did the base collapse even above solid concrete? Because the replacement concrete was not recognized. This is game breaking for sure. Once any block is broken out in your base and you have replaced it, you must go into dm and update the structural integrity.  Otherwise these structural weaknesses will build up over time and your base will collapse as if you never fixed it in the first place.

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