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    Bug detail brief detail: ranged weapon ammo going through zombie target


    Bug more detail: I really enjoy using a crossbow as I value stealth. What I am about to describe is for any and all of the ranged weapons. It, also, does not matter on the distance. I have had a zombie very close to me, I would less than 3 blocks away. One or two closer than that. My crossbow is loaded, I fire and it goes through.


    Can it be replicated: Definately.


    Do I play with mods and is it only with mods?: It does not matter what mod I use or in vanilla, the result is the same.


    What have I done to try resolve it?: I have made sure that my system is upto date, all the necessary drivers and firmware is up to date. All my hardware drivers and firmware is up to date. I have tried running without my anti-virus. I have done a full in depth virus scan.


    I have reinstalled the game many times, verified game files


    My system:
    Motherboard: msi pro z690-p ddr4
    CPU: Intek 12900F
    RAM: 64 gig 3200 DDR4
    Drives: Twin samsung SSD
    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3090 built in AIO
    Controller: XBoX one wired with firmware upto date.
    Monitor: ACR 27 inch
    O/S: Windows 11 pro. The issue was also present in Windows 10


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    @Phil Once again, please provide the information requested in the below template, not a custom one.

    You've also made several posts about zombie colliders causing misses, where one would suffice.

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    According to that post, at the top it is saying which block.


    Impossible to say as it is a moving block. that is a zombie.


    Several posts is when I do give more info but not in all of them.


    I have read that to make sure, yes  have use search.

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