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  • Movement of mouse or player causes lighting to darken/lighten - flickering strobe effect on all textures, more noticeable on max settings


    This is currently making the game unplayable for me and would definitely trigger epilepsy for anyone who is photosensitive.


    Upon movement, everything will darken - being stationary again, everything will brighten.


    The mouse movement causes this to happen on an exaggerated rate, whereby everything will flash as the mouse is moved.


    I went through extensive testing to try and resolve, but it seems ingrained, whenever the mouse moves slightly all the scenery and textures flashes violently, moving makes things darker.

    I've toggled every lighting setting, disabled every overlay I have in-case there was a conflict, enabled and disabled everything one by one in Nvidia settings and in-game, no setting be it lighting or otherwise fixes it.


    I have tried removing eye adaption in console with the command in-case it was linked to that.

    I thought it may have been an SSAO or AO bug at first with shadows, but disabling everything still leads to it happening on a less noticeable scale on minimum settings. Making the game unplayable for me right now, heavy strain on my eyes.

    If anyone finds a temporary fix that retains high graphical fidelity, please let me know! I really want to play...


    Running a Nvidia 3080, AMD Ryzen 5800X, 64g DDR4 ram

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