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  • Infinite blocks


    Hey, i found a bug in my first 5 minutes of playing A20. Basically i found out that blocks that i have crafted or found in game dont deplete upon placing, i crafted one sleeping bag and now have this.


    7 Days To Die Bug


    Also happend with oak seed, i collected 2 but placed 7 with 2 still remaining.


    Also also, game seems to be slower now. Much lower fps, than in A19. But i recon its about the new city generation. Had constant 55-60 fps in A19. But in A20 i get 35-45 fps on same settings. You can see this in the picture lower right corner.

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    Hi F1uXF0rTeXX,


    This particular issue is caused by having Cheat Mode on from the game Start/Continue menu, or by activating CM. This will be addressed in an upcoming build. Thank you.


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